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What are the Best Landing Page Builders for 2021?


Just like the sole purpose of a lead magnet is to drive traffic and social media platforms is to create brand awareness, similarly landing pages are meant to bring conversions.

A digital campaign will lose its purpose if a landing page is missing. A user who has ended up on a lead magnet will be lost if they don’t land on page that is selling something for the user to buy.

Hope you agree with this!

If you think that sending a user to your homepage will automatically create a sale for you, then I can assure you are greatly mistaken.

Before we discuss how to create landing pages let’s define them quickly so that we all are on the same page.

What are Landing Pages?

A landing page is a single web page that is designed with a great visual appeal and has only specific goal to serve. Once a user clicks an ad on a social network or a link in email or Google they land on a webpage that is asking them to take an action.

Just to be clear, the homepage of your website is not a landing page because it has too many goals or CTA. The user ending on homepage can either visit your blog page or consultation page or contact page but this is not the case of a landing page.

When a user lands on a landing page, all they can see and read will push them to take action like buying a product or service.

Hope the concept is clear now.

Top 10 Landing Page Builder Software That Every Digital Marketer Must Know

A landing page needs to look appealing and must engage a user so that they are tempted enough to click on the CTA (Call-To-Action) button. But designing a landing page is not that easy. This is why there are hundreds of tools in the market that just specialize in building landing pages.

If a company is looking for great conversions then they should look nowhere else and grab one of these tools to get started.

Here is a list of tools that we think is good for building landing pages:

1. Click Funnels

This outstanding tool is great for beginners. It focuses on small details that most big landing page software companies miss out on. It is an easy to set-up tool with effortless landing page building process.

Though the pricing starts with $97/mo, you can also avail a free trail to check out how it works. A lot of digital marketers rely on this tool for all the right reasons. Based on your business needs you can choose what functionality will work well for you.

If you a solopreneur who is selling online courses then do a setup and build landing pages using click funnels to get awesome results. The three main goals for which you can set up your landing page is generating leads, getting sales and conducting an online event.

What make this tool good for beginners is its pre-built funnels along with billing and opt-in pages. Once you have selected pre-built template you can also do an A/B testing to get see which one is working better.

If you are looking for too many customizations then this tool may not be for you.

2. InstaPages

Be it be individual marketers, company or enterprise, InstaPage works well in all the setups. Building a landing page using this software is easy and effortless. Instapage is a great option if you wish to build a visually appealing landing page as it offers great designing option.

You need not be coder yourself, as its as simple as editing the page with few clicks. You can make use of 200 customizable pre-built pages that can help you in achieving different business goals such as webinar registration, lead generation, downloading apps etc. Instapage is more about drag and drop of blocks where you can place any element wherever you want.

Another great feature of Instapage is complementing your Ad campaigns. Yes, you connect your landing pages after customizing them as per your ads (Google Ads, Social Ads, Retargeting Ads). Also you can go for AMP landing pages. If you ask us what we like in Instapages, without a doubt it is its perfect designs and easy integrations with other applications.

Instapage is a costly affair and plans start from $99/month though you can always get a free trial. A lot of important features are available in enterprise level, which is again an expensive plan.

3. HubSpot

Hubspot is popular for its inbound marketing solutions. It specially finds a high place among B2B marketers. It offers a marketing hub package that includes email, CTA’s, blogging, live chat and also landing page creator. So basically a single package can serve to your variety of business goals.

Setting up a landing page on Hubspot is quite simple and takes hardly any time. You can tie your landing page with Hubspot’s CRM to avail complete features including personalization of name, industry, and location. Hubspot is a great pick for any marketer and business for a lot many reasons.

You can explore hubspot marketplace to find pre-built templates that will best suit your business. Templates are usually mobile-optimized. Best thing is that you can do A/B testing to know which landing page design is bringing maximum response or conversion.

Though if you are looking for a cost-effective tool then Hubspot can be a bit pricy. The marketing hub professional plan of Hubspot is $800 though you can always avail for a free trial. Also AMP mobile pages are missing so if you need this feature, then you will have to choose another software that supports AMP feature. All in all Hubspot is great for enterprises and also businesses. The plans are a bit expensive but totally worth the results.

4. Leadpages

Leadpages is not only effortless landing page builder software but also a cheap option for marketers. But as you go for more additional and high-end features such as integrations and A/B testing then Leadpages will add additional charges to your plan.

This software is all about great designs and easy building functionalities. The platform supports drag and drop feature. You can add payment feature and integrate your landing page with Facebook ad builder.

By signing up for this tool, you can get access to more than 150+ customizable templates and mobile-friendly pages. In order to boost your conversions you can add pop-ups and alerts to your landing pages.

If you are looking for pocket-friendly software then this is the tool for you. Yes, the pricing is quite nominal with standard plan starting at $25 and Pro plan $48. They also have advanced plan that starts at $199/month. Go ahead and grab their free trail.

Most of the advanced features are available in advanced plan and may lack any personalization feature add-on to your landing page.


5. Elementor

If your website is on WordPress then Elementor is the ultimate savior for you. This platform is specially designed for WordPress and builds catchy landing pages without you knowing any coding language. It is a simple drag and drop builder that allows you include different blocks based on your goal. Since, most of websites are built using WordPress, Elementor has a huge user base.

Most of the advanced features such as widgets, pop-up builder, and theme builder are available in premium version only. For add-ons you may have look for 3rd party sources.

As far as pricing is concerned, it is not too pricy. The personal plan costs $49/year and business plan is for $99/year. You can also avail unlimited plan for $199/year. There is a free plan too.

6. WishPond

When using wishpond you can either design your landing page or get it done for you. When we say get it done, it means not giving it some freelancers out there but choosing a plan where the wishpond team does it for you.

From designs, managers, copywriters to marketers, they have everyone in their team to design the page for you. Thus, if you can’t do it then you can simply outsource it wishpond's team. This is what makes this platform different from other landing page builder softwares.

Making a landing page on wishpond is pretty simple and even quick. You can collect user information by adding custom fields in it if it is necessary to reach your business goal. The landing pages built through wishpond are mobile-friendly.

You can add pop-ups, email marketing etc. There are additional 300+services that can be integrated in Wishpond. A user can also find 100+ templates and do one-click A/B testing on landing pages.

As per it’s pricing, the starter plan is $49/month, while $99/month & $199/month are its advanced plans. The starter plan will limit the number of leads as it allow only up to 1000. Also for advanced features like A/B testing, advanced plans are needed.

7. Unbounce

If your business’ ultimate goal is conversion, unbounce is the software for you. In no time you can build attractive landing pages that swear by to convert. By using simple drag and drop technique you can style up your landing page with utmost convenience. You can also access the AI-powered pre-built templates, which are again AMP ready.

What makes this tool ultra aggressive on conversion is that it focuses on pop-ups and navigation bars to avoid missing out on any opportunity from collecting an email from the user. There are some great brands that have on boarded wishpond such as New Your Times & Vimeo.

Besides a free trial, the basic plan starts from $79, while premium is $159 and enterprise plan is $399 (quite expensive for small brands to afford). Most of the valuable integrations are available in premium and enterprise level only.

8. Wix

Wix like WordPress is basically a website building platform. Recently it has gained a lot of popularity. It may not be suited for high-targeted conversions and provide solutions for only a limited cases such as lead capturing, coming soon etc. So if you are too aggressive on conversion then this may not be your first choice.

Making landing page is not their core feature but you still get to choose from 30+pre-built templates but you cannot go on adding many additional features on your landing page. Besides a free trial it has a free version and a paid version that starts at $11. If you are an aggressive marketer, my suggestion would be to go for a software that is more about landing page building than website building as their core feature.

9. KickoffLabs

Kikofflabs is named such for a reason because it does provide kickoff start to your campaign. Yes, you can design landing pages that go past being simple. You can setup viral loop by integrating bonus referrals, coupons, leaderboards etc. If viral campaign is your thing then you achieve high conversions using Kickofflabs.

You can avail around 45 templates, which are customizable for viral contests. Another feature that makes this tool different is that it support widgets which are not available in other landing page builder software.

Since it has a lot of focus on viral campaigns it restricts it use in the industry as not every business goes after it. It’s hobby plan starts from $19 and limits with 2000 visitors. It’s other two plans are for $49 (premium) and $199(enterprise) which allow additional features such as A/B testing, integrations, multiple campaigns etc.

10. GetResponse

GetResponse allows you to create high-converting, mobile responsive landing pages, but it’s also a diversified software offering that offers email marketing and webinar capabilities. GetResponse features integrations with tons of the top tools you’re already using like Salesforce, WordPress and Shopify.

GetResponse is a decent option for marketers or business owners that are starting from scratch and need more than landing page software.


A landing page starts with a goal and ends with a conversion. Hence if a great number of tools available in market for building landing page has confused you then the best way is to analyze your goal clearly.

So, go ahead and build an attractive landing page and connect it to your campaign to achieve your conversion rate and maximize your success. All these tools are great for small & mid-size companies and enterprises and serve their purpose well.

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