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5 Free Ways To Build Back links Effortlessly For Your Blog in 2021


“What are backlinks” is probably the most burning questions for those who are new to SEO. Even those who have worked in the SEO industry for quite some time still struggle to make high–quality backlinks.

One must wonder though, what makes these backlinks so important. Do they have a crucial role in ranking? Can a website get good traffic without making backlinks? Etc.

So sit tight and do read till the end because I’m going to touch base with a lot terminology surrounding backlinks and explain in the simplest manner how this works.

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What is A Backlink?

You generate a backlink when another website or blog mentions one of your links.

Here’s what the industry experts have to say about backlinks:

As per Moz “Also known as Inbound or incoming links, a backlink is generated when one website links back to another. It is a crucial SEO factor.”

As per Joshua Hardwick ( Content head of Ahref ), “ When someone links to your site, you get a backlink. One page of a website is linked to another to form backlinks.”

As per Gotch SEO, “ When an external website links back to your website. It is a backlink.”

Backlink is a pretty important part of off-page SEO and you must know that getting genuine (non-paid) backlinks is not a cakewalk. You need to know the right strategies to gain them. Backlinks can help in ranking a website and increase their credibility which makes it such an important SEO asset.

Some Of The Most Common Terms Related To Backlinks

Now to completely understand Backlinks let’s understand a few terms that surround it.

Do Follow Link

A Do Follow Link is a link that signals the crawlers that they can crawl and consider it for quality. These links are known to pass on the link juice. It is very important with respect to SEO.

This is how a typical dofollow link looks like

<a href=””> Blogging tools for SEO </a>

Now typically all links are dofollow links until they have a piece of code attached to it “rel=”nofollow”

No Follow Link

No follow links tell the crawlers not to follow or crawl the link. So the quality factor is no more passed and this will impact the SEO negatively. A no follow link will have “rel=”nofollow” in code which will be read by the bots.

<a rel=”nofollow” href=””>blogging tools for SEO</a>

Link Juice

Link Juice or link equity is a value that is passed through hyperlinks. Link juice is passed with dofollow links, which are giving credibility to other web pages. It is telling Google crawlers that links within have value and it’s based on factors like relevancy, page authority, HTTP status etc. These link juices determine the SERP ranking of a webpage.

Internal Linking

These links are within your website. You can link the content of one page on your website to another page of same website. Again they play a crucial role in SEO.

External Linking

When links are from other websites and not from within your website. Others can link to you and you can link to others. (Link only with DoFollow)

Now the linking is done usually on a set of words or phrases, which are known as anchor text. The hyperlinking on anchor text takes the crawler from one page to another. So it is important that the anchor text should send out a clear message. An irrelevant anchor text will serve no good.

For instance, best SEO tool can be an anchor text for any hyperlink that takes crawler to high quality link that talks about SEO like Ahrefs, SEM rush, etc.

Factors That Indicate A High Quality Backlink

Authority Site: You must get a backlink from a site with strong authority. You can use tools like ahrefs, open site explorer to do link analysis.

Relevancy: Get backlinks from sites, which are relevant to your niche.

Site Indexing: Make sure the site you are getting your backlink from is indexed on Google.

Outbound Link Quality: Your link should be relevant, linked to a valuable resource and should not look paid. Check for these parameters.

Hard Backlink Approvals: The sites with high editorial standards wont give backlinks easily. Therefore you must try to be a part of such sites.

How To Build Backlinks The Right Way?

Make Infographics

Infographics is a great way to add visuals on your blog. Most people would like to read information of an Infographic than read big sentences. Since creating them can be quite a task people would like to add you Infographic on their website to get more traffic.

For designing, you can do it either on Canva or pay a freelancer to make one for you. Then add that in one of your blog. Now use a plugin called to add link and generate a thumbnail. So every time a person uses your Infographic, you will get a quality backlink.

Guest Posting on High DA sites

It’s an old but still a popular way of building backlinks. But no one said that this method comes easy. You have to reach out to bloggers and other writers who can publish your blog and give you a link in exchange for high quality content. Try to publish only on High DA sites so that you can maximize your opportunities.

Do Interviews

If someone is asking you to do a blog interview, it’s wise to say yes. You are sure to get tagged along. You can request them to add your blog link or podcast link within and it will help you get a quality backlink.

Directory Submissions

Do create backlinks by submitting your site in SEO directories such as 1abc.orgNot all sites may not be good, so choose carefully or look for recommendations before submitting your site.

Drop My Link

It is an SEO tool where when you enter a keyword for instance “blogging” It will show you a footprint of sites where you can get a backlink.


I know it takes time and patience to build high quality backlinks but once you start you will see that all you need is some good acquaintances to help you with the process and your own willingness to do it.

Also, use tools to make your process easy. Interact and network with bloggers and ask if you can submit a quality article on their site or if you can do an interview with them.

There are 100 more ways to build links so get started and grow during your journey.

Do share this article with anyone who is just getting started with building backlinks or leave in the comments below how you prefer building backlinks?

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